Shrink stops half way thu?

I copyed a movie with dvd fab dec. when i run shrink it stops half way , Idon’t have the dvd any more,just the vob 's of full dvd, is there a way to use dvd decrypter or rip it 4 me useing just the files to fix the proplem, i tryed nero, img burn .allstop half way.i would like to re ripit the files, any help on this be appreciated.I Also try x-2-dvd but it said some thing was missing,and closed. i also used Fixvts, thanks xbill

then you have to delete the files from your HDD, I believe.

Hmmm… I think we like to give the benefit of the doubt ;).

@xbill: More details about the error would be helpful please. When you say Shrink stopped half-way, was this during transcoding or burning stage? If it’s the burning stage then your discs could be poor quality.

IT stopped half-way during encodeing, after the move ended, and the extras started.what i found was i could re-auther to get the movie.the extras have some kid games on it, but they must beware the trouble is, I will have the disc back next week and do it over with rip4 me. Thanks for all the replies. xbill