Shrink-Roxio Question

I have rox 7 and when I code my disk with shrink and try to burn with rox 7 it transcodes the whole movie over before burning. Is there a feature in rox to stop that and burn directly to disk or does it have to do that. It take a long time to do both. :Z

Why not just use shrink to transcode to iso mode and burn with decrypter (free)? That way you can forget about roxio altogether.

I agree. Roxio seems to cause nothing but problems for people. DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter is a great way to go. Probably two of the best freeware tools out there. You simply run the disc through Shrink (decodes, compresses, ect.) and then once it is finished it will automatically link up to DVD Decrypter and burn the project in ISO mode. Keep in mind though that you will need the latest versions of DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter in order to do this.

I never tried it like that. Sounds good! How do I get shrink to put it as an iso? Usually I just hit backup and it goes to a folder.