Shrink putting main movie in extra folder?

I’d like to start by saying I’m experienced in backing up my dvds. I just got my hands on an older (I’d say about 2k1) adult movie with more than a few scratches, so I’d like to get it backed up ASAP. There’s no problem ripping, but the problem is this: The movie has an intro about 2 minutes long, which is title 3. Title 1 is the rest of the movie. When I use clonedvd to transcode, selecting title 3 to play first, I open with shrink, and Title 3 is in the “Extras” folder. When I reauthor with shrink, then reopen it with shrink, it has put title 1 in the “Extras” folder. I don’t have any rw’s left, as my last one died after erasing my test copy of Saw 2 (I no longer have it, I erased it). My question is, will the main movie being considered an extra by shrink cause any playback problems?

If the original is not so big to require a dual layer disc you can use DVD decrypter to rip in iso format, and then burn the iso. In this way you’ll have a disc identical to the original, and you don’t need to worry about transcoding issues or title numbers.

Actually you can do the same thing with a dual layer disc.

Yeah, but it’s huge. I have to compress to 82% original quality just to fit those 2 titles on a DVD-5 (and one is 2 friggin minutes long). A full copy would be unwatchable.

Like I said, I’m very capable. Anydvd, PSL plugins for movies that won’t rip with Anydvd. I haven’t run into anything I can’t backup, I just wanted to know if it would affect playback.

Thanks anyway though.

You can see if it affect playbility iin a very simple manner.

After doing a shrinking you can play the resulting movie on your HD. Or you can also burn on a rewritable and test results directly on your standalone.

Actually, I’m in the process of making an ISO to mount right now. Why I didn’t think of it sooner, I’ll never know. Thanks for the input.

Sorry, I missed that part of rewritable disc :frowning:

Anyway, please let me know if the ISO will work

There was a little hang between them, but since the second part started with a black screen it was barely noticable. Still blows my mind though.

Just for curiosity: have you tryied to open the original disc with shrink? Maybe something was messed up during the rip.

How are titles opening the disc directly?

It goes through previews all that bullshit. Main menu. When you hit the play movie button on the menu, It jumps to title 3. After title 3, it goes to title 1. Then title 1 is the rest of the movie all the way through the credits.

This movie seems bad authored from the beginning.

You can try to load on a DVD authoring software and reauthor by yourself.

Try DVD Lab Pro or TMPGEnc DVD Author.

I can deal with it. I might look into dvdlab at some point in time