Shrink/NEC and back up of Movie DVDs

It seems I have hit the limit on speed. I have two 3500s that burn at 16x on two different computers and need to know if there is anything that will speed up the encoding/decrypting etc phase in Shrink. I have a great computer with sata raid o drives.

Any suggestions on a super sonic fast reader?

How long does it (encoding) usually take for your 3500s?

18-29 min

Get the fastest processor your mobo can handle. Encoding /decoding consumes a lot of raw power. :wink: Make sure your cooling, memory and PSU can supply the resources needed.

Problem I have when trying speed up my P4 2.8@3.5 is stability. Memory sticks (PC3200) just can’t handle it, me thinks :bigsmile:

more cpu power and more ram ;)… i need for a movie 2 hours without burning so on… keep cool

I have one GB of 533 DDR and a p4 3.2. Is the speed limited by what the 3500 can play the movie?

I may try a rip lock remove FW on the 2510 to see if that will feed my system+3500 faster.

I get about the same. Maybe others have better luck than me.

Running on:
P4, 3.2MHz

If you use DVDShrink, or similar program, in one step ripping and transcoding, it is always hard to judge where time is spent: ripping or transcoding. So if you rip first to hard drive, then it doesn’t really matter if the source DVD is NEC 3500 or another brand. You can compare what speed other users get when ripping, or read the reviews from couple of months ago. Here most likely that even less powerfull CPU will get the job done as fast as the drive can read, as CPU utilization might be well under 100%. You can see some numbers like so if you use Nero CD-DVD Speed test program, or look at Task Manager display while speed testing.

As for transcoding/encoding stuff, as was mentioned above, more is all you need :slight_smile:
more CPU mainly. When you transcode just watch the CPU % utilization, if close to 100% it means more CPU is needed. As simple as that.