Shrink my avi file?

Ok so I just got a video camera and put my footage onto the computer and saved it in avi format. The file however is almost 2G and its only and 8.5 minute clip. I want to keep it in avi format as I want to send it via the internet overseas to a friend. Is there any way I can decrease the size of the file without loosing much quality? I have seen good quality tv episodes from overseas that are 40 minutes long and those files are only 350Mb…

hope you can help :slight_smile:

Happy holidays

Convert it to divx. Use Dr Divx

thanks mate ill look into it :slight_smile:

ok so this program doesnt seem to be working for me…

anybody got any other suggestions?

you probably dont have the right codecs installed and that is why it isnt working.
install Ace Mega Codec pack and try again.

Take a look at doom9s forum how to use Avisynth in conjuction with VirtualDubMod.


Why don’t you download a utility called avicodec(freeware). What it does is indicate what the FourCC of your file is(i.e what codec the avi uses). Normally I don’t install a whole codec pack just because my system does not have a single codec. Once you know the codec of your avi(the utility also indicates whether your system has the codec installed). If you don’t have the codec, google for it using the FourCC indicated by AviCodec and then install it(if it does not have an installable i.e. exe then Click Run and type regsvr32 …dll[the codec file]). Then you should have no problem converting to any format using any program and playing the file too should be easy.

Hope this helps.