? Shrink Mpeg

I have taken video off my camcorder using moviebox USB & Pinnicle studio 10.8. It is now an Mpeg I think…

Now I would like to know how to shrink these files so I can make a dvd with my program. I have seen that they say you can do this with dvd shrink (which I use to copy DVD’s) but I dont know how to shrink just an mepg2 file!..
I need a step by step guide! I do not want to buy any programs…
also while I am writing I also have AVI’s that I DL’d from Limewire… how can I shrink those!! is there a LITERLY step by step guide somewhere?
I have been searchin the fourms… and Im so tired I thought I would post my ??? SORRY@! But I Apprechiate the help sooo much! Videos are of my newborn son

Thanks so much!!
Mb, Canada

Try this for converting your files:

Is that what I am supposed to do?.. Convet the files?.. what do I convert them to?
I just need to shrink the size of them…


Are you saying that you have mpeg2 files and need to reduce the size of them to fit a single layer dvd? I’m not sure if shrink can work directly with mpeg 2 files or not. You may want to try assembling them into dvd format on your hard drive first, then shrink the dvd. These authoring programs can do that (there are a few free ones though I’m not sure which are good).
I use nero recode but it is quite similar to shrink (written by the same person so the programs are quite similar). It can work with a dvd on a hard drive (you will basically have a video_ts folder with all your dvd files) so I’m guessing shrink can. That means you wont have to actually burn anything till after you shrink it.

An alternative would be to use an all in one dvd creator as some are pretty simple to use.
These include authoring but also include other abilities like file conversion (which would be the approach that you would want to take with avi files). Just a hint if you use these with mpeg2 files. Dvd uses mpeg 2 so it is unnecessary to convert the files if they are dvd compliant, but some converters (like nero express) will convert the files anyway. Its a waste of time and may or may not hurt quality (to a small extent) doing an unnecessary conversion. you can try renaming the file extension of you mpeg files to .vob. That will trick some programs into skipping the reencoding as it thinks it is already a dvd file (it works often but not always).

From the Camcorder…I have 3
2 is- 2.5GB Movie Clip (.mpg)
1 is - 3.5 Movie Clip (.mpg)
I want to make a DVD using Studio 10 in the end. I have made video’s before but could only fit 60 min on each DVD. So I wanted to know how people fit MORE on a disk.

And the Sopranos I downloaded they are Video Clip (.avi) file & Are 350MG each…

I am making for you fiance He wants all the 6 seasons… so I wanted to somehow make a DVD with disk per season (or even 2 Disks) however how I am doing them now with Studio 10 they will only fit 2 an it says 24% quality and it takes literlly DAYS to burn!!!

Im sorry I, having such a hard time with these 2 projects…
I really apprechiate all the help!

I’m thinking that a good part of your problem is that you are using pinnacle studio. I have never been very impressed with their software (some of their hardware is decent though). Earlier versions like 8 didn’t even work very well, and while it pretty much works now, its options are limited. I got studio 10 open now, and from what I can see in the options, this is about all I can think of to try. When you are on the last “make movie” tab, go into settings, make disk, and select dvd dl 8.5 GB for the target media, and select create disk content but do not burn. Find where the files are stored (it should be a “VIDEO_TS” folder). Point shrink to that folder and see if it will shrink it enough to fit a single layer disk. Judging by the size of those mpg files though, you might still have a tough time getting them onto one disk. As far as the sopranos, you are never going to fit a full season of any tv show on one or even two disks in dvd format. If you had the full version of nero, that might make things a lot easier. The 15 day free trial with nero might be enough to help with your current projects anyway. Converting the tv shows to dvd with nero is simple, and as far as the camcorder video, nero might work with moviebox (not sure if it acts as a standard capture device or not), but if it doesn’t, you could just go through the first step of studio (the capture step), find where it saved the captured video, and work with that in nero. Nero can reencode the video (from mpg to mpg but at a diffrent bitrate) and possibly reduce the size.

Actually I just noticed that pinnacle will let you change the bit rate. Under that same settings box, you can set video quality/disk usage. Its telling me 81 minutes of video for best quality setting (7500 Kbits/sec) or 282 minutes of video with fit most video on disk (2000 Kbits/sec). You can of course select custom and select a bitrate somewhere inbetween. Be aware, that the lower the bitrate, the lower the quality. I’m not sure how much time you want to spend with this (if you have a newborn, probably not much as you are not getting any sleep as it is), but a combination of lower bitrate and shrinking might give the best quality for the size, but that would take some experimenting.

Thank you very much. I am experimenting now…

I have noticed alot of people use NERO… is it the best all around program? I found it sooooo confusing when I had tried it before… But I could probably buy it if I know it would solve all my problems I seem to have with video editing.

Maybe for the Sopranos I should buy a 2 layer disk? Is that the biggest you can buy?

yes, dual layer media would work as well…i did my entire sopranos collection with ripit4me and used dvd shrink to compress them to a regular dvd-5. They all look good to me, since i watch them on a 37" tv and use an upconvert dvd player.

You could author them to DVD files on your HD (regardless of the size) then use DVD Shrink to fit the resulting files to a DVD.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;1964316]You could author them to DVD files on your HD (regardless of the size) then use DVD Shrink to fit the resulting files to a DVD.[/QUOTE]

That is what I was sugesting he might try with studio, though the only target size it will allow is dvd5 or dvd9 (no custom size).

@rawbyn, just my personal opinion on nero, its not the best at anything, but its the best at everything. In otherwords, anything that nero can do, there is probably a program that can do it better, but that would require buying (and or getting free ones), of dozens of programs. As far as a program that can do all it can do (it has dozens of capabilities), there is nothing beter. There are not any other programs that can do all the things it can do, as well as it can. In most cases, nero works decent enough for most tasks.
To put it another way, nero can do basic video editing, capturing, burning, pvr, htpc front end, video/audio streaming, shrinking (very similar to shrink), transcodeing and reencoding, photo viewing and editing, audio transcoding and editing and probably a lot of other things. There are individual programs that can do each of these things a little beter, but as far as a program that can do all that stuff, its the best.

I have had pretty good luck converting various avi files to dvd with it (I have had a few it didn’t like), but as far as working with camcorder footage, I just recently got my first camcorder so I havent really played with it that much. It does seem to have more options with capturing than studio does but I could be wrong on that.