Shrink keeps asking for region?

I uninstalled a few apps today, to try and fix a problem I was having, now dvd shrink (and derypter I believe) keep asking me to specify a dvd region every time I put a disc in ANY drive.
Is this normal? I mean ANYdvd was one of the apps. I got rid of, but I dont remember these programs asking me this ALL the time before.
Can I have some help? Thanks. :slight_smile:

I get that all the time… for shrink and decrypter… anydvd probably had the regions set to 0 so it didn’t show up… but after you uninstalled anydvd, shrink and decrypter are acting normally…

Make sure in DVD Shrink’s preferences under the File I/O tab section that the item “Check RPC2 drive region code when opening a DVD” is not checked.

you can use DVD43 from