Shrink Help

I’m having a problem in Shrink 3.1.7 not starting Nero when finished or giving me a choice to choose my burner under target device when I click on backup … just hard disk and Iso Disk Image for choices. I have followed Mr. Bass’s tutorial to the letter!! It will back it up but Nero never starts after …Everyone else I know claims theirs starts automatically…I can’t figure out even how to use Nero manually after it is backed up…Enable burning with Nero is checked under preferences…Any help is appreciated for this Newbie…I did a search as well and didn’t find anything.

Sorry, may be an obvious comment (I’m a newbie!) but is your copy of Nero a proper registered one, or is it OEM? I had to register mine for Shrink to work with it, now it works like a gem!


It’s the full package Nero 6 w/ Express etc…30 day trial though not reg’d yet!
Although my brother hasn’t registered his yet and he has no problem, just not sure what version he has…

Again a newbie, but using the same combination as you, and had no troubles…YET.

Have you set up the prefs in Nero, to tell it to use your writer, before running shrink and pressing backup?
If its not pointing to your writer, then shrink might automatically fail to even open up Nero.

Is your writer supported by Nero?


I’m using v6.0 of Nero Burning ROM.

The DVD shrink program is fab - definitely worth persevering and trying to get it all working!

Good luck.