Shrink DVD doesn't manage to shrink Blade I to the size of a DVD

my shrink DVD won’t shrink blade I to the size of a DVD (<4,7)
why?? it’s always just 5007 mb the target size
i can’t pull down the quality even more because it’s already at 51 % and i don’t know how to disable single audio tracks

You can use Re-author mode (Eigene DVD) to accomplish this.

Best use is made of DVD Shrink when backing up the Main Movie (Hauptfilm) only, leaving out trailers/extra’s and such. This keeps compression (and consequently quality loss) to a minimum. :slight_smile:

ok so now i am able to disable single audio tracks but what if i want the whole dvd 100 % with everything just compressed to DVD-R size?
it can’t do that it can only reduce it to 5008 MB or i’ll have to unselect some audi tracks
I want the WHOLE FULL DVD reduced to DVD-R size

flatda you already opened a thread with your problem continue there. Don’t double post thread closed.