Shrink DVD and new Liteon 411s problem

having read the glowing reviews on the new liteon dvd rw ± 411s on i went and bought one today. they recommended upgrading the firmware which i did to the latest version. Well houston we got a problem any reading of a protected dvd gives a error reading encryption message and aborts on the read…i am going to try to back up one firmware revision and see if that fixes the problem (I dont have this error when using my Sony DRU-500A). If not Liteon goes back to store…too bad too it seemed like a nice drive…supposed to read subchannels correctly also…though its not any sd 2.9 killer by any means…those reviews are a little misleading imho. ie backed up sims superstar will still not play on my toshi sd-m1402 using this drive though.

no go with older firmware…may just be a compatability problem between shrink and this drive…not sure but im not wasting time with it…going back to store. just a warning here for anyone else using shrink dvd and thinking of buying this drive.

You’re the first to report this issue, many others are using Shrink with the drive and no problems.

and the latest firmware very strange maybe just a bad drive?

this is the error:

ive notice my drive says no region selected is that why?

yep that was my problem DOH i just did a homer

apparently liteons come with no region set (usually they do here in the states) so as soon as i played a title and selected the region dvd shrink works fine…heeh…

so if anyone else gets this error please play a dvd first and set your region…