Shrink DVD 3

Hi all,

Can anybody help me with Shrink DVD. Does it come with a decrypying tool as I’m having problems with a DVD film. When I put in into my drive, it says that a file is encrypyted.

Can you help


i believe u mean dvdshrink (unless there’s an app called “shrink dvd” that i’m not aware of), and it should have no problems with css protected dvds.

dvd shrink I have used and still use all the time …I have ran into some movies that are encrypted. …I use anydvd just on those movies and it burns fine …

any dvd takes out region and some other copy protections so you can backup yoru dvd …


Hi there, I’m new to this forum & to dvd ripping if you want call it that.

Basically I want to start backing up my rarier/OOP disks (i.e Disney).

I’ve down loaded dvd Shrink and have run into problems with the encryption. I do not now how to disable this. (Daredevil, Region 1 was giving me the problems)

I’ve used my Pulp Fiction dvd as a tester in this program and it seems to have work but how do I go about burning it onto DVD R/RW???

I would be greatful for any advice and say thanks in advance


u will need anydvd to take away the region …

or if you have blindwrite on your pc or another program that uses pcouffin drivers i would use this nice free utility or you can put the pcouffin drivers on just to use this small utility and it does it for ya

i have used both … but like the later but both are easy