Shrink DvD

Hello would someone be able to explain why shrink DvD would cause my computer to crash after using it for a while. I have had to reformat twice now and am certain it is this programme that is causing the problem. What have i done wrong where and how can i fix it, Any advice would be greatly appreciated :confused: . Ps if i have missed the solution in Faqs sorry.

What OS are you using ?

BTW, DVDShrink (latest version) often freezes after ripping some DVDs on my comp (WIN XP Home, latest SPs), too. I have to kill the process via task manager. After that it works correctly. I don’t know why, but I can live with that.

Thanx for the reply i have started to try and work arond it. Is there another free compression prog that will do the job.I heard clone DvD 2.2 works well decrypting, compressing and burning is this correct.

Hi macker1 welcome to the forum, yes Clone DVD works very well in backing up a DVD, I been using the older version and been very happy with it. it’s very simple to use and all it takes is a few click and it’s all done, the only problem is that it is not a free program but it’s well worth the cost. you can find it here