Shrink data to fit onto 1 dvd

I have a season of 11 television episodes in AVI format that I want to back up onto a single dvd-r. They total 4,542 MB, while Nero only allows up to 4500 MB.

Is there a different burning application that will allow me squeeze in that little extra or some type of archiving that will shrink my files down to size?

Thanks in advance for any input.

i know you own the rights to the television episodes.:stuck_out_tongue: so with that said, please read this for a link to download and a basic guide for dvdflick.

I’m not looking to convert the AVI’s to MPEG-2 format. I just want to save them onto a data dvd to clear up some hard drive space.

As for the television rights, I’m the chairman of the FCC. :slight_smile:

maybe a compression tool? how about 7-zip. then backup the compressed file.

(just because you make the rules does not make you the owner of which they control :rolleyes: :bigsmile: )

Edit:never mind