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There is a way to shrink dvds to fit on one disk. Is there a way to shrink an audio cd disk to to fit one disk ?

Sorry but I don’t understand… :confused:

Can you please explain more precisely what do you mean?



Using a dvd shrink 3.2 you can shrink a 9.2 gig dvd to fit on a blank 4.7 gig dvd disk.
I,m looking for something to do the same but for audio.
Example 900meg audio disk to fit on a 800 meg blank disk.
Thanks vinnie

I guess you mean to fit 900mb of audio on a single disc that still is playable on a regular CD player, right?

Well all you can do is get a larger CDR disc… there exist disks of 90 and 100mins and those are widely available! Your burner has to support them though. Another problem is that the quality of this media often is very very bad. Picky players won’t read them!

As Dee-ehn said, if you want your “compressed CD” to be a “regular” Audio CD, then there is no hope to do it. This is because the audio format for CD audio is fixed, that is stereo, 16bit samples at 44100 Hz sampling rate.

If you are not interested in compatibility with the CD audio format, then you have several options that allow you to build a data CD with your music. From your example of 900meg->800meg it seems that you are thinking about a moderate compression rate. If you want, you can achieve an almost 2:1 ratio (that is, storing about 160 minutes of music on an 80min CD-R) using a lossless compression format. Monkey’s Audio and FLAC are two examples. The great thing about lossless compression is that there is absolutely NO loss of audio quality involved in the compression. If you decompress the audio file, you will get the original file, bit-per-bit identical. And of course, most lossless formats allow decompression-on-the-fly, which means that you can listen at your compressed CD with software like winamp or foobar2000

I use lossless audio compression mostly for archiving purposes. :wink:

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@Dee-ehn, I have just seen this on FLAC homepage…

From Flac homepage:
Metallica is offering soundboard recordings of live shows in FLAC format.

If you didn’t know it maybe it could be of interest… :stuck_out_tongue: (they are offering that not for free, anyway… :sad: )


Hi All,

With digital content there is almost always a way.

Try this:

1). Take desired tracks and add them to an image file (iso, etc), using,, or similar.
2). Mount the newly created image file using one of the above or
3). Rip the mounted image file using or similar, ensuring that the rip settings are lower than the original tracks.

The above method will only work if your lowering your audio bit rate, e.g.: from 192 Kbits to 128 Kbits.

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Welcome to the forum MrDavo69, thank you so much for replying to a 6 year old thread. I hope this solves the mystery once and for all…lol

Hi Jethro,

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Hi All,

I revised my approach, by using Nero to create an image file, and after mounting with PowerISO I was able to rip with Media Player using a lower bit rate than the original source.

Cutting a long story short the 20 songs that I used started at 120 Megabytes total size and ended up at 80 Megabytes! I figured that this was a good outcome.

However once I attempted to create an audio CD in Nero (the sort that is playable in “old school” cd players) I found that the 20 tracks still would not fit.

It seems that Nero bases the creation of an Audio CD purly on time, not on the data size of files supplied.

Talk about finding things out the hard way! Ah well, my method will work for MP3’s but not for CDMA!



Davo wrote,

It seems that Nero bases the creation of an Audio CD purly on time, not on the data size of files supplied.

When creating/burning a standard Audio CD, all proggies will base/consider the total time of the combined track(s)…not the file size…So using a 700MB CD, that’s ~74-79 min of audio…When burning a DATA disc with mp3s, you can fill the disc to ~700mb…
Sorry you had to find out the “hard way”…

[QUOTE=MrDavo69;2527175]Hi All,

With digital content there is almost always a way.

Not when the digital content has to obey the Redbook standards. No way to compress CDDA as it’s uncompressed RAW PCM at 441/16 (or 22/16 for 4 chan). 80min max, no way to change it.

You can use other formats like MP3 CD or DVD which use lossy compression but not CDDA - can’t happen.