Shrink and Recode colapses with data ripped from scratched DVD



Hi guys, I’m new on forum but I read it from a long time.
I tried to find anything like my problem before but I couldn’t.

I used DVD Decrypter to rip a DVD movie from a scratched DVD. First I followed all the tips I found here to cleand it. And it worked, but not that much for recover all the bad sectors reading. So, I set DVD Decrypter to ignore reading errors and it ripped successfully!

Now, watching the movie from the explorer folder it plays OK (just see some flickering - 4 seconds - in the probably scratched “place”.

The problem is when I try to transcode it to 4.7 DVD, Nero Recode (last version) reports “… caused Internal Error” and shutdown :confused: . DVD Shrink doesn’t report any error… it shutdown with no warnings in the beggining of the process :confused:

I tryed VobBlanker in order to re-write the VOB file… It doesn’t shutdown like Recode or Shrink, but it stop processing the trouble-full VOB file and report: Error reading input VOB: Unsynchronized"…

So, I have a movie in my hard-disk that plays successfully, but I can’t transcode it to burn to DVD!

Can anyone help me ?!? :bow:
Thanks in advance!


Repolish the source DVD. You should be able to remove all of the deep defects. Be patient…or buy another DVD.


Hi… sorry to take so long to answer…
Actually, the source DVD was barrowed from a friend that got back to Europe… than, it was impossible to repolish it since I took it back…

But… the greatest think happened when I tried to use a software named “IFOEdit v0.971”… I used it’s “Get VTS Sectors” function that recalculated and created a new VTS_01_0.IFO file… IT WORKED !!! :slight_smile: Than I ripped and burned the DVD with no problems…

Thanks anyway !
Maybe someone can make use of it…