Shrink and Nero

I was running Nero and DVD Shrink which all worked fine. I upgraded to Nero and now shrink doesnt want to go into nero to burn. I have to save the file as an ISO and open nero my self to accomplish this. Is there any way to fix this?


But use DVD Decrypter/Imgburn to burn instead of Nero.

So I can ues DVD decrypter then use it to burn? What if it needs to be shrunk to fit on the disk?

First DVD Shrink, then use DVD Decrypter or Imgburn to burn. Just went through the same thing as you :wink:
Now I DVD Shrink everything to a ISO file and then burn using DVD ImgBurn, I get splendid results.

Dang… whole time I thought you had to decrypt before you shrunk it.

DVD Shrink and then DVDDecrypter to burn is an excellent combination. I’ve had no problems so far.

DVD Shrink does just that & only that. It will not break DVD protections which is why DVD Decrypter has to be run first sometimes.

If the DVD has no protection then go straight in with DVD Shrink.

Otherwise DVD Decrypt to your HD first & then shrink. The problem is that DVD Decrypter will not cope with the latest protections & the best way to overcome these is probably AnyDVD as this is constantly & very regularly being updated to overcome the next protection method. With Anydvd running you just use Shrink.

DVD shrink does break copy protections, at least on my PC it does…that’s why the MPAA and RIAA went after it. From the DVD Shrink help file “DVD Shrink overcomes this problem with built-in decryption algorithms…”.

Nero Recode, written by the same chap shrinks and does not break protections.

There are only a few of the newer protected discs that Shrink will not decrypt.

There’s problems with the version of nero you need version is the best and most stable to use with shrink.

Google nero clean tools 6 download it and then google the download for nero and you should be fine on using shrink and nero to burn from what I understand any nero after that and before nero 7 you need the dolby digital plug-in. I had burning issues to with nero That’s how I found out to use nero clean tool and reinstall nero

I will drop down to and give it a shot. I have the clean tool so I will give it all a try.

The only problem that I have noticed with v6.6.1.4 is that sometimes, the only way to close it is via taskmanager (Win XP).

It looks like Nero works fine with DVD Shrink… i did find that my TDK media burned at 16x produces some crappy burns but at 8X its clean.

Not sure what to do here… I downloaded the ANYDVD and can get the DVD onto my computer - but still can not get it onto a CD! I have Nero and DVD shrink, maybe I am not using them correctly. Can you help me out?

What do you mean by ‘can get the DVD onto my computer’? As a file for file copy or as an image file? The first will have several files, the second, one.

I downloaded “AnyDVD” because when I just used the “DVDShrink” I received an error message. And when I used Nero 7 Ultra Edition, I got a message regarding the copy right.

So then I used “AnyDVD” to put the files on my computer… But now I still get the same messages when i try and burn them to a DVD Disc. I tried using “DVD Shrink” like note above and I get the same error as when I did it straight from the original disc. What should I do?

Can anyone help me out here?

First thing to do is use AnyDVD ripper to rip the files to your hard drive.

Use DVD Shrink to make an ISO image of the DVD from the files you ripped (copied) to your hard drive.

Finally burn the ISO image to blank dvd disc. I would suggest d/l a program called IMGBurn to do this step, it is a free download.

Once the files are on the hard disk, why not just copy them to a DVD-Video in Nero? There is no point in going through the extra steps of making an ISO image and then burning that that I can see.

The files still need to be processed, whether the final output is files or an iso isn’t really relevant, so an ISO image isn’t an extra step per se. I use ISO’s mainly out of habit, I also believe one single file is preferable to a folder full of files, to each his own.