Shrink and Nero 7

I just backed up one of my DVDs for my 5 year old and when Shrink was finished and started the burn it burned a Double layer at 8x instead of 2.4x? It seems to play just fine. Anyone know why???

You ask why, I ask why not? :wink:

Some drives can burn media at faster speeds than what’s printed on the discs. But, burning a 2.4X DL disc at 8X is a bit optimistic (not saying it can’t be done though but it’s more likely that the actual speed was 4X or 6X). Nero also doesn’t report the real burn speed but rather the user selected speed. There is a way though to make Nero report the actual speed but you can often check it for yourself by looking at the total burn time.

Anyway, if your disc plays fine then there is no problem. If you feel uncomfortable with these high speeds then in DVD Shrink set the write speed to the speed you want instead of maximum.

Thank you for the reply. I tested a disc with Nero CD/DVD speed and it said it was up to 8x speed. These are Verbatim DL discs.

Yes, the Verbatim DL discs are known to work at much higher speeds (and 8X is possible but it depends on the writer). Which writer are you using?

I bought a Maddog about a month ago…