Shrink and Decrypter

Can someone point to a link or better yet give me a brief explaination of what the difference between DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are. I’ve read a little bit about Shrink and printed out the DVD Shrink Guide.
Before I down load them I’d like to know what I would use each specifically for. It sounds like Shrink will not only decode or “decrypt” the DVD, but also compress and edit it. Why would I need DVD Decrypter then?
I plan on probably burning the DVD with Nero or Win DVD software.
A little confused…help :confused:

you use shrink and decryptor together because when shrink is done it will switch over and burn with dvd decryptor

but shrink will also work with nero and copytodvd

If you pm me an email address i can email you a simple to follow guide that i made

Your right about shrink decoding and decrypting. It’s a one touch decrypting and compressing solution.

Back in the old days before shrink we needed 2 programs, 1 to decrypt(DVD Decrypter) and another to do the compressing (DVD2One).

Decrypter can also be used to read and write ISO images, commonly used for backing up games.

DVD SHRINK does all the decrypting and compressing for you all in one program but doesn’t burn. With the new SHRINK you can use multiple burning programs to burn your image, all Deccrypter does is remove the macrovision protection that dvd’s come with.

I rarely use decrypter since shrink does all this for me. It stays in my computer for those once in a great while movies that shrink can’t decrypt (which is hardley ever)

What exactly is “macrovision protection”. Is it a specific copywrite protection? Don’t all comercial DVD have it or is it just a certain type?