What is/will be the coolest Shrek movie … ever … ?

The original one is the best a will probably stay the best.

You forgot Shrek 3D. A colelction of 3D animation that don’t quite work and strain your eyes. Yes it is avalible for purcahse in your local store now.

The original and best. From the reviews Shrek 2 isnt any more than a rerun of Shrek 1, only without the originality and coolness it had when it came.

Yep its a bit of a let down not as funny as the first but I won’t spoil it for anyone. The original will be the best, that is until they do the one where Shrek kills everyone, hey les face it its what Ogres are supposed to do.

Watched the 2nd one. Meh. 1st one’s still the best. And please don’t make another one, this ain’t James Bond.

I liked the first one very much :smiley: I haven’t seen the second, but I think it’s also very nice…! DON’T MAKE A THIRD ONE!! Plzz… It’s bad enough that there are anyway sequels…

The third will be the best Shrek returns to kill every one by eating them with father beans

:bow: Shrek returns to kill everybody :bow:

I reckon shrek 2 was better than shrek 1, albeit alot shorter, well felt shorter anyway :wink:

Shrek 3 -> Shrek farts in the bath and after getting jiggy with fat fiona decides to light a ciggy = No more Shrek4 :wink:
Dragon decides that Donkey really is as annoying as he seems and eats him to make him shut up. That said, she gets a hell of a lot of gas from it, and lets one rip, after which she sighs, and accidentally blows herself to kingdom come!

Woot! No more offshoots.

It turns out that the dragons offspring are as dumb as donkey and end up following eachother off a cliff (like lemmings) and don’t realise that while dragons can fly, donkey’s can’t and plummet to their deaths, leaving agreasy streak on the rocks below :slight_smile:


Die shrek, offshoots and offspring!

Shrek dies. Donkey dies. Fiona dies. Donkey dies.

Donkey dies twice? That must be hard for him :cool:

Did I mention Donkey dies?? :smiley:

Yes you did. You must really hate donkey.

Yesterday i played the Shrek2 game for the Xbox… God that sucked… PS1 graphics quality and a storyline of 2 lines. Must be the crappiest game for the Xbox , next to Acclaim’s Retro gaming dvd.

Movie title games usually are. Parents buy them simply because they are named after something they know, it’s been that way since Home Alone :Z

Don’t forget ET on the atari 2600 :Z

i’ts rumored atari buried 5000 unsold cartridges of this game in a landfill in nevada. :cool:

@cmr3000x, you were just waiting for someone who would react on this, wheren’t you!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

@cmr3000x, you were just waiting for someone who would react on this, wheren’t you!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I thought shrek 2 was a funny movie, shrek 1 is alot better.
Just because it has the type of humour you don’t expect the first time you see it.
Shrek 2 is just more of the same. Which is not a bad thing, the originality the first movie had is just lost…

Shrek 3 should definitely be about that shrek returns and kills everybody :cool:
Rambo style. With the post traumatic stuff and everything.

The best will be when Shrek and Donkey try to rescue Fiona from Satin. Yeah that’s it,
But right before the big rescue scene, Fiona’s head spins off her large body and falls in a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. (Mint Chocolate Chip) right next to a large bucket of KFC.