Showtime Play from folder, not responding

I have searched for an answer to this problem with no joy.

I am using Nero 7 (5.1.1) `Showtime 3 (2.1.2).

Play from folder, not responding`.

In Showtime, If I select Play from folder then the VIDEO_TS folder, Showtime freezes.

After end task from Task Manager then restart Showtime.

If I select file then select a VOB showtime will play that VOB.
Then I stop play.

If I then select Play from folder then the VIDEO_TS it will play the video perfectly.

Anybody got an idea why I cannot start from Play from folder without the merry go round.

Thanks in advance

PS there is no VIDEO_TS.VOB file…

couldnt see anEdit` this post tab.

missing VIDEO_TS.VOB was a red herring.

The problem still exists…