Showtime lip-sync error

I have nero 6 ultra edition The dvd player showtime in Nero plays purchased DVD videos fine. When I use showtime to play DVD-Rs that have been recorded on my standalone recorder, it has lip sinc error (audio is late). It starts out fine but within a minute the audio is off. The audio is dolby digital ac-3. The video will also stutter occasionally. It also cannot jump past chapter 6. My DVD-Rs are all recorded in SP mode. All of my DVD-Rs play perfect on all other standalone DVD players and recorders. The software is installed in a beefy custom made machine.
Thank you. :frowning:

I’ve started having the same problem in Nero 7. I can play a file in WMP and it’ll be in-sync, but play that same file in Showtime the audio will be a few seconds behind. Wassup’ with that? :doh:

i have the exact same problem using the latest nero 7 premium.

a few avi files, encoded NTSC at 23fps & 29fps

will never play correctly in showtime… the audio is ALWAYS 1 or 2 seconds behind the video…

the exact same avi files, play perfectly synced when playing them in WMP or Winamp.

note. this also means that i can’t burn encode those avi files to DVD format because they are way out of sync after the transcoding because of this issue…

it’s damn frustrating.

I really like Nero and it bothers me when we realize there are bugs. If you can’t find a solution within Nero, here is an alternative:

If the issue is playing back videos, try PowerDVD. Right now, it is $3.99 with free shipping. I use that product and it often comes bundled with many burners.