Showtime for PS3 turns it into an (almost) complete HTPC :D

In case anyone hasn’t been following developments, a new version of SHOWTIME for PS3’s was released a few weeks ago:

Download Version 3.0.0 @ github - here.
Note that you require a PS3 with CFW to install it.
I’ve tested this on a phat PS3 with 3.55 KMEAW.

Note that the new version can play MKV’s from an UPNP media server … WITHOUT TRANSCODING.

I’ve tested with a few different files so far:

[li]SD MKV’s work fine.[/li][li]720p MKV’s works fine.[/li][li]1080p MKV’s upto profile 4.1 work fine.[/li][li]DTS (5.1) seems to work fine[/li][li]AC3 (5.1) works fine[/li][/ul]

Limitations I’ve noted so far:

[li]Cannot play files from disc.[/li][li]Cannot play files via Samba networking.[/li][li]Cannot play files with H264 encoding higher than profile 4.1 (apparently 4.2 also works) so anything encoded at profiles 5.0/5.1 won’t work at this point.[/li][li]Pausing for too long (more than a few minutes) causes A/V synch issues, and video playback becomes choppy - eventually Showtime complains that the Processor has insufficient processing power to decode the file.[/li][li]After accessing the menu a few times, all the symbols for the playback menu disappear - they still work though, if you can remember what they are.[/li][/ul]
Tested with DNS-323 / 2TB 5400RPM HDD + Gigabit Ethernet Link.

Any questions?

Note that Showtime does not provide DVD/BD playback inside the program, but the base PS3 plays these without showtime regardless. Similarly, divx on USB/CD/DVD/BD works from the default PS3 cross media bar also.

At this point, MKV playback from DVDR/W & BDR/E is missing, along with a few minor bugs.