Showtime and Nero Digital files not Playing correctly

I’m not sure what causing the problem but I have two systems with Nero 8. I don’t have a problem generating Nero Digital files on either system but when I use show Time to play the videos on one system the mp4’s will either play choppy or not at all. On the other system though they play just fine.

I’m sure it’s some sort of a conflict in the codec or something like it. but I don’t know where to look or how to correct the problem. I’ve tried reinstalling Nero but it didn’t help. I would just like to know what could possible be interfering with Show time to keep it from playing the video properly?

Once again I am forced to answer my own question. I found that the setting for hardware acceleration was causing the issue.

I also found out that you have to be careful about using Nvidia’s video configuration options for your GeForce card. I was force to disable a few options that had been interfering with FFDShow on my media center.

One more thing to note on the subject is that Showtime had the habit of crashing due to the fact that I had two monitors and didn’t select the option of multi-monitor support…