Showtime 2 sound problems


I’m having the stangest problem playing DVD’s in Showtime after the 6.6 update. When I try to play any DVD, created with Nero or comercial, it will play for a few secconds, the sound goes away, stutters and stops.

Eventually I have to close the application through task manager. I was not getting this problem before so I don’t know what to think.

Windvd and NVDVD work fine. If I play an MPEG2 file from my HD Showtime works fine. It is only if I play a video from the DVD drive that we get a lock up.

Relevant information about my PC:

Athlon XP 2600+ @2500 Mhz :iagree:
Nforce2 Motherboard
Nforce IDE Drivers 2.7
Nvidia Geforce 6800 61.77 Forceware Drivers
512 Megs of Ram
BenQ 1620 DVD-RW
Lite-ON 4111-S DVD-RW

Any ideas :sad:

I think you have to BUY Neros DVD decoder to watch dvds with Showtime. :Z :Z :Z

I have Nero Ultra, that Plug in is included with my product.


Maybe you didn’t load it?