ShowHideControls Porgram

Can anyone locate this program?

Show hide for? Office, Javascript? Give us a clue and Google may find it. :biggrin:

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Originally posted:“Method 3. Don’t patch anything, just show the unlocked BH14 flashers who’s the boss! :cop: Use any of the BH14 unlocked flashers and use a program like ShowHideControls to enable the otherwise disabled file open button, select the file you like and the rest is history! It seems to work just fine and lets you correctly select a different file to flash, turning the unlocked flasher into a de facto standalone flasher. :bigsmile:” by SVC Feb 17

He’s looking for an executable program called "showhidecontrols_en.exe"
A thorough Google search will turn it up, probably at a Russian web site as the author was Russian IIRC.

It is referenced in the BH/WH14 thread as a way of forcing a crossflash of an unsupported drive.

It allows manipulation of the flasher program, while running in memory, to allow you to “push” buttons that are hidden and/or disabled.

Thanks schuster,
I wondered what he was looking for, I might have guessed it was to do with cross flashing.

I was able to locate it.
There were also patched HL/LG firmware writers with bin selection enabled.
I am afraid that my ASUS BW16 no longer reads anything :frowning: