Show us your Flash Media!

Thought it might be nice to see what other people have got.

Here is a picture of what I have currently got.

[li]8Gb Transcend[/li][li]1Gb Generic - Intel Freebie[/li][li]1Gb SanDisk[/li][li]512mb Generic - xBox Freebie[/li][li]256mb Lexar Media JumpDrive 2.0 Pro[/ul] [/li]I use the 1Gb SanDisk the most. Has all of my current projects on it. No problems with any of them so far.

Flash rules, I am waiting for price drops on SSD’s (32gb or 64gb) just for windows and OS use

I would love to see comparisons done specifically on the wd raptors in raid-0 vs the ssd… found a few on line but non raid the raptors for comparison

Exactly what are you waiting for?
SSD drives have been reviews since at least December last year (Transcend mostly if I recall correctly) and you can find a benchmark of Raptors (in RAID 0) over at Anandtech. Anandtech also stated that RAID 0 simply isnt worth it in general but oh well…

I only have the one at the moment. I got it for my xmas from my daughter and had never used a USB flash drive before. I plan on getting some more soon.

2GByte LG

I have this KINGSTON DTI/2GB USB 2,0 DATA TRAVELER, but i would like to get some of the 8g or bigger.

I have a 2GB Sandisk Cruzer Titanium U3. I was highly about how useful U3 would be and only got it after I was sure that I could remove it. But Sandisk’s implementation of U3 is very useful. I want to make sure that myUSB drive is encrypted when I go traveling but I don’t want the inconvenience when I’m at home. The standard Sandisk U3 software will allow me to encrypt the whole drive without having to re-format or partition it, so I just turn encryption on & off as required.

I also use 2x Kingston Datatraveler II (512MB & 1GB) which I got 2 years ago. I chose them because they were cheap, but they have turned out to be very good. In fact they are probably slightly faster than the Sandisk (even though on paper the Sandisk should be twice as fast!), they are at least as fast as Kingston claims. Sadly I don’t think they are available any more.

I did some tests on the media I had just to compare. Definatly some differences.

HD Tach

SanDisk Cruzer Micro 0.1 (1Gb)
Random Access - 0.9ms
CPU Utilization - 7% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 17.9mb/s

Generic USB Flash Drive (xBox) (512mb)
Random Access - 3.8ms
CPU Utilization - 0% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 1.0mb/s

Transcend JetFlash TS8GJFV10 0.00 (8Gb)
Random Access - 0.9ms
CPU Utilization - 8% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 27.3mb/s
Burst Speed - 28.4mb/S

Sony (152mb)
Random Access - 1.3ms
CPU Utilization - 0% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 10.2mb/s

Lexar JD Expression 1.00 (512mb)
Random Access - 0.6ms
CPU Utilization - 3% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 6.5mb/s

CBM Flash Disk 5.00 (1Gb)
Random Access - 1.8ms
CPU Utilization - 2% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 6.4mb/S
Burst Speed - 10.3mb/S

Lexar Jump Drive Pro 0 (256mb)
Random Access - 1.1ms
CPU Utilization - 0% (+/- 2%)
Average Read - 6.0mb/s
Burst Speed - 6.2mb/s