Show us your computer workplace

I checked if there has been a thread on this already but I couldn’t find a recent one. Anyway, I presume everybody is using a computer to access this forum so please show us your computer workplace. Here’s mine. I like a tidy workplace and a nice looking computer (since it has a prominent place in my room). That bright blue thing in my computer is the CPU cooler btw :wink:

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

I didn’t clean (ok, I hadn’t my maid clean it) before this picture was taken…

This was taken as a test pic on a digital camera I had for a few days (returned it), sooooooooo it’s a crappy picture and I didn’t clean up etc etc. Plus you miss the best part. My case is hiding behind that bamboo :frowning:


Here are some bad quality pics of my two mostly used workplaces…

It’s not exactly his workspace. But it’s his PC anyway.

I thought anyone who hasn’t looked yet would think it’s pretty cool.

OC-Freak’s review PC


you guys sure are nerds holy moly,… my comp looks so simple i dont have liek 40 pcs… next to the monitor. haha…

just getting the pics :slight_smile:

like, it’s cool, like, you know, like?

hey ben where’s the pic?

They were properly X-Rated


Mine is so messy right now I am afraid to show it. maybe I will clean and post a pic

nah just forgot 2 post here u go :slight_smile:

u have a maid i have a cleaner but maid? arnt they the ones that live with you :eek:

i will post mine at the weekend when i have time to do some housework :stuck_out_tongue:

i was abit worried about showing every1 inside my home but hey, i havnt dont anything illegal on the forum so i doubt there will be any poblems :slight_smile:

bcn, is it good to have a speaker which has a huge magnet in it directly behind your lcd like that???

SCREW IT, I ain’t cleaning for you people…

Nor am I resizing these pics, way too lazy today