Show Me The Websites!

Hi all, this is my first post here. I was a little suprised to not find a sub section for discussing all those websites that cater for people who own dvd/cd writers. I apoligise if i simply missed it…

I recently bought the plextor PX-712A and i need websites, LOTS OF THEM! im looking for free mp3 downloads(already use k-lite, soulseek, and more?), television program download sites and movie sites. If possible, please recommend me the biggest ones you know so i can find all that i need in one place…

What i also really want here is some idea of the possibilities this dvd writer opens up for me, bear in mind i really have very little clue…link’s to revelevent posts would also be greatly appreciated!

thanks all

i dont think we are allowed to tell people such sites even if we knew any!

Anything copyrighted can’t be downloaded for free without it being illegal.

Please reread the forum rules regarding this that you agreed to when you signed up to the forum.

Many thanks.