Show me how to use cd test proggy please

how the heck do you get

in nero?

I tried using nero cd quality check, and all i get is this:

And lastly, how do you interpret this data?

2000+ errors? yellow bars?

Is this acceptable or not?
I burned this particular khypermedia cd at 8x speed on my 40x liteon. This cd only has mp3’s on it, and they all read perfectly… :confused:

It’s rather simple :

–> Extra --> CD Quality Test

you have an older version of CDSpeed. You can update Nero, and the newer tools will be included, or you can download direct from CDSpeed HERE . the version you have shows errors only, the newer version shows RPM over errors, that’s the only difference. Yellow is for recoverable errors (C2), and red is for unrecoverable errors.:frowning:
For my money, no errors are acceptable, and the read must progress at full speed.