Shove your music in a locker!

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 Who  wants a 'music  locker" for free?  If you do,  just go to MP3tunes!  This deal  basically would allow a client to save MP3s by storing them with the company,  then it would allow...
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This is effin’ stupid! The company is trying to compete with Apple and their PORTABLE offerings, while they’re giving you storage in which to stream from. Umm, how is that at all portable and competative with any DMP?

The key is that Robertson bets on Web-enabled home entertainment systems becoming mainstream, and that seems to be quite a “pipe dream” for me. My reaction was the same as I kept thinking about it. While someone else might be thinking of creating such a thing, I do not know of one, nor does the article state if someone has considering making one. This might be one of those “visionary” ideas that never takes flight.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have 4Gig of free disc space hanging around? A free music server already exists - Slim Devices’ open source SlimServer - intended for their wonderful Squeezebox hardware network music player, but can also be used by a free software player availble on their site. It can serve bunches of lossy music formats as well as non-lossy and uncompressed. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. Want to upgrade to a larger capacity server? Just delete some of the junk off your hard drive and - presto - more music storage! Not and ad, but an endorsement: Check out their hardware player for your home entertainment system, and a community-provided software player for your laptop.

I bet they’re offering this service to steal everybody’s mp3’s…think about it!

He’s actually pretty smart and forward thinking. All of you guys that brush this off as a stupid idea obviously aren’t that forward thinking. All cities right now are trying to get fully wi-fi’d. Several are already fully covered. Microsoft’s new Zune player if I remember was meant to be wifi enabled, and even if I’m wrong, some in the very near future will be. Add to that the fact that pocket PC’s already have WiFi as do other devices. Storing all your music on a server and simply streaming it to your WiFi device removes the need for storage in the device (other than a buffer possibly) and so enables the device to get TINY. Maybe the technology or bandwidth and coverage isn’t quite there now, but it will be in the near future and they will be setup nicely as leaders in this area with people buying watch sized devices from them that stream from the persons 1000Gb collection down to their player. Full credit to this company for being so forward thinking.