Shoutcast through a d-link router

hey guys, trying to help a friend wanting to stream audio using shoutcast.

Current setup, cable dsl with simple modem/bridge comcast supplied. Older cheapo d-link router, 2 pc’s sharing the connect / both able to surf dhcp turned on the router end.

Now, his stream server will work fine, plugged directly into the cable modem…no ip routing issues. Plugged into the router, and some tinkering, we got it to work proper setting that lan port as a DMZ, and allowing all udp/tcp-ip. We thought good work, unsecure as hell, but his box…I went to bed.

Now it gets fun, he decided to flash his firmware on the router. The router still works…but same settings won’t pass the stream. I had him re-flash the router back to the old firmware, set it back to the last know working settings, still won’t pass.

Any ideas? I’m helping this guy via phone half way across the state, and kinda tired of dropping 2 hours a day on this no pay project…LOL

My question: Why did he want to flash the firmware if everything was working correctly? :confused:
Maybe something to do with he has it forwarding ports to the wrong ip address? An easy mistake to make. Not sure what else, maybe forwarding the wrong ports?

Flashing firmware sometimes loses all settings you set, such as any open ports or dmz. Before flashing always save settings to HDD. He flashed and lost all his settings cause he didn’t save. You will need to set it all up again.

BTW which router product? DI-???

DMZ is very bad unless you know what you’re doing (few does) so don’t use it.
Just forward port 8000 (TCP) and it’ll work fine, 8001 (TCP) may also be needed if someone else outside the router wants to use the server to stream.
Off Topic Tip: If he has low upload bandwidth I’d really recommend you to Icecast2 (it’s compatible with Shoutcast) and use Oddcast since it allows streaming using OGG Vorbis which sounds a lot better than MP3 at lower bitrates.