Shouldnt the country of the sale be in the thread title?

What else can i say, shouldnt the country of the sale be in the thread title?
I read 10 posts down about, for example, 50/pack TY FUJI’s at best buy for 20 bucks, and Im in Canada, then on the 11th post it says that its in the USA.
Just would be helpful and not waste others time thats all. :slight_smile:

I think it would be useful yes.

Yes, but its not that big of a deal… :iagree:

Also would be a good idea to put location under your nic :wink:


You are 1000% right. Period.

Just that some people are really excited to report a deal and forget :frowning:

No, just put the store name and that would do

Why complicate something that is sooooo simple?

Do you know the names of ALL the companies in your country?
Do you know that some companies are multi-national, but do not run same deals everywhere at the same time?

well since we are not the commies and freedom will reign i guess it should be on a suggestion basis.

some suggestions i would make:

  1. dates more than anything else are important talk about a time waster search for fuji and see how many fuji cheap threads there are with no dates…
  2. store name actually will help a huge amount
  3. might want to assume USA unless it says CA or OZ or IT UK ect cause, well, we have more sales than other countries

I would put such things in my posts If I knew what to put? You only have a short line thier for what will display as the title of the thread and it already looks like an ebay feed back responce with all kinds of abreveations and stuff. What we need if a fixed (and maybe stickied) code. This is just for example, not a sugestion(unless you think its good). How about standard leters at the begining for this forum? U is usa, E is europe, U is uk, c is canada etc… Make it optional but make a sticky that tells about it. We could almost develope a 3 letter system. First lelter, the region, second leter, online/mailorder, third, whatever you guys think is important. I would think it would be best implementated by mods making a sticky and making it optional too (so we don’t discourage posting because of restrictions. I think, people that post real good deals are providing a service for the comunity here, why restrict them? They may not post!!
The bigest reason that I think the mods should handle it is that thier are going to bee difrences of opinion on how to implement it and what codes to use.
I think maybe if this pans out, A poll, an anouncment in the news (I read it). let the forum give sugestions, and based on thoes sugestions, let the mods decide the three charicter standard (or what ever standard they would like or we vote on or however)!!!
It really doesn’t effect me much as most of the deals here are US and thats where I am but franklly, many of the members are not in the US so I’m all for a system that clarifys for everybody?
Just adding an edit here, as per cnlson’s note, the date of the sale!!! That might be a good third charicter. How to put the date in a charicter that is easy to understand and definitive. You could use two caricters (the day of the month it starts and ends), but threads here turn to media discussion (which is a good thing) and can actually go over a month. So its 4 charicters (month and week or something). That why the mods should ask/poll and then sticky it. Its far too complex for everybody to decide.
So what are some good and simple ways to do this? We could also have an abrevation list stickied too (we alr3eady use many of them!!!

sounds like this is turnin into a full time job…

In fact, the simplest sign of the country is the price tags, Euro, pound, US $, CAN $, etc.
I know, a lot of people use just “dollar” instead of “US dollar” (I think I did so a few times), which is in principle wrong, but very often accepted.

is their any point just look at the lack of any non US posts. Darn americans & you’r low cheap prices i’m not jelous :sad:

Yea you can get some pretty good deals here. All it takes is a couple of muti million dollar corperations getting into a pissing contest to drop the price of media a few dollars (and then everybody drops prices to compete) and if you are lucky the prices stay low everyware. Milk was 1.50-2.00 per gallon here for about two years when the price wars were going on (up to a mild 3.00 now). The only problem is that they have to make thier money somewhere and they defanatlly try to rape you (25$ for a usb cable at every major store, you gotta go to the little guy and pay 4$). The funny thing is the little guy is problly paying 2-3 dollars for that cable he is selling for 4$ where the big companies are probably paying a dollar at the most for that 25 dollar cable!!! O guess capatalism has its advantages and disadvantages. I work retail (had to after a back injurie) and a sucker really is born every day and the corperations really take advantake of it. You have to be a wise shopper.

Too much discussion on this topic, whatever time we will save by posting the country of origin has been wasted discussing it.:iagree: LOL!

Seems to me if the named store does business in your locale, it just might be up to you to determine the applicability. Things are tough all over.

It’s funny…sometimes it’s easy to forget that the members of this forum live all over the world. We should have a poll to see where in the world the members of this forum live.

I’ve always assumed mosts posts in Bargain basement were in the USA and skip over the ones that say “UK,Australia,Canada,etc.” since I live in the USA. I think the stores in the USA also have more sales of media than other places in the world. And since it’s and not or, it should be safe to assume that all posts are based in the USA unless otherwise stated.

Not a suggestion, but just my observation.

That’s my observation too on other forums as well. I would just say assume USA unless otherwise indicated.

Why do you skip posts that say “UK,Australia,Canada,etc”?
No really, I do ask, why? why?
Hmm, that is EXACTLY what the original poster suggested, and voila. it works!

Also, the fact that the site is on “.com” name means zilch, nothing, nada, rien.
Many posters are from Europe, and the servers are in Holland …

Try and find the American in the following list" ( -
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Little hatred towards Americans there Goudo? Seriously though, has this discussion not gone too far? I do not think its that big of a deal. :iagree:

I don’t see hatred in Goudo’s post. But I do find it odd that the discussion should go on. I mean, isn’t it obvious that a country name in the subject would certainly improve everyone’s browsing exprience?

Better yet, the Location field in the user profile should be mandatory.