Should you turn up for work tomorrow?

I had a long day today … I don’t feel like turning up for work tomorrow …

Easy question … Should you turn up for work tomorrow?

Yes, and so do you…! Where is your backbone? Yah lazy bastaard! :wink:

Of course!!

Do with your leave days what you want, but don’t whine when you have none left.

hmmmm i still have 8 sick days left and 8 half sickdays hmmm and 2 weeks vacation maybe i’ll go ehh damn i am at work right now

yeah i guess I’ll go…:frowning: i’d rather save up my time…and take a long vacation :slight_smile:

yep i will go to work

It depends on many factors, but normally: yes.

Yep, i like my work.

Never feared an employer (because I never had one whom I could like.) :sad:

And here I’m. :iagree:

A bit tired, but hey they invented coffee for that. :bigsmile:

Of course I’ll go to work tomorrow. Of course, I’d do more work staying at home than by going in to the office… so it’s more accurate to say that I’ll go to my place of employment tomorrow.

Yep! I need the money!

Who doesn’t?

@$CyBeRwIz$ ,how’s the guide going?