Should you turn off ur computer monitor?



What i mean is that do u have to push the botton to turn off ur monitor or just leave it with the orange light.


Matter of personal preferance really.


Depends on how much you want to spend on electric. They use almost as much in standby as when in use. I turn mine off when not in use.


Really? Well, mine’s going off when the computer goes off from now on. Thanks!


just watched into my monitors manual (19" crt):
power used when using it (green light): around 130 W
power used when NOT using it (orange light): less than 3 W


Okay…so you will save some energy, but not much then.


Hi :slight_smile:
A lot of modern CRT’s have auto deguassing built into the on/off process.
Plus while in standy it’s remotely possible for damage to occur via spikes etc.
So not only saving money, but maybe your monitor.


Right then, guess I will be switching it off.


saving energy is a good point but i wanta know how u can tell how many wats is the monitor using when its in orange light with out referring to the manual and is there a difference betweena crt and a lcd?


They both use a LOT less when the orange light is on. However, as was previously stated degaussing is built into the power-on/power-off cycle, AND when it’s in standby it’s MORE prone to damage from power issues.


thankz Gurm for the info :clap:


not if it’s connected to an UPS