Should you trash yer old drive?

A dude with 6 optical drives which can all run at the some time and over 3 TB movies stored as DivX told me to keep the old drives cos sometimes they can rip things that modern drives can´t. He said some of the modern protections are made for the modern drives, meaning older ones may not be affected.
Just an idea.

Is it true?

How old is old? 3 TB would take a shit load of 10 gig drives if your talking old?

Or are you talking about old ODD drives?

I don’t have Nero. Does anyone know of other s/w that will let you burn with 6 ODD drives free?

Yeah…he means, when your optical drives still work, but you want to replace then with something swankier…don´t throw them away. They maybe able to rip something that a modern (targetted) burner cannot.

Sorry i wasn’t sure i was reading it right.

I have given a few away but i have not thrown away any of my older drives.

I’d save them if you can as long as they work :bigsmile:

That dude better hide before the police is showing up at the door… :bigsmile:

BTW, its partly true.

He is maybe the guy to ask about the “unrippable” Mel Gibson film…

He says he has about 30 different rippers…some with their own special “tweaks”.

The rest of the story I don´t know…he´s got the money so they could be legit…

You mean Apocalypto??