Should we rename CDFreaks?



Not that this would be up to me or even happen but it would be keeping up with the times and it would make for an interesting discussion…

We have gone from CDs to DVD’s and now HD-DVD/Blu-Ray burners while newer media solutions are on the horizon… So just how long can we keep calling the site CDFreaks?

I thought of renaming the site to something like ‘MediaFreaks’ or ‘*DFreaks’… LoL…

What do you guys think?


Moved to Forum Talk, since that’s where all suggestions about forum changes live. :slight_smile:


No. Just imagine, in 50-60 years when possibly most people won’t even remember that CDs ever existed there will be a community of people calling themself CDFreaks. The name would then suggest: We are the greatest experts, because we’ve been there from the beginning…


CD Freaks has grown a reputation over years.
With a name change, the community would also break with the tradition…
I’m against a name change.

But that’s just IMO…


I know there is at least one other thread on this issue, but I could not find it.

CD Freaks has become a brand, not just a reference to a particular product (i.e. CD). A name change is changing the entire brand. It is a costly affair to change a brand name, especially when it is a strong brand (changing brand names because of a bad reputation is easier and often recommended in an attempt to lose the bad reputation).

For that reason I do not think it is likely that we’ll change the name. But that shouldn’t stop you to bring good suggestions into this discussion…we might change our mind :wink:


I totally agree with what molnart said.


This name is legendary, why would we change it? People from all the continents come here to look for and give help. This is more than a name , it is a tradition that would be set back by a name change. I am not for it.:disagree:


I agree. :slight_smile:


I agree with the agree :bigsmile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Do the last three postee’s have a vested interest I wonder. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :doh:




Hi :slight_smile:
The OP works on the assumption that the CD of cdfreaks stands for Compact Disc. It may well have done so in the past. But instead of name change. Definition change. i.e. Communal(or Community) Data Freaks. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :bigsmile:


I thought it was obvious that it’s called CDFreaks as a short form of Seedy Freaks?! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is very apparent on Talk Like a Pirate Day, but also on other occasions in the Living Room. :bigsmile:

Seriously, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to play catchup with the optical drive technologies and rename the site Blu-ray/HD-DVDFreaks or something like that. I like the name as it is.


I like that idea Zebadee… :bigsmile:


I am a CD FREAK – or better yet, a cdfreak – not a Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, or DVD freak! :disagree: :iagree: :bigsmile: :frowning: :sad: :a :clap: :Z


i think if you give in and change the name…then it will just be an on-going process because the computer industry is changing all the time…so why not in this world of constant change have a community that remains and the ideas change…then …when the new-age computer freaks seek information …this forum will still be here to answer newbie questions like it has from the beginnning…

So i’d have to sum it all up …and say NO NAME CHANGE…


Yes that is so cool , lets have it,:wink:
no I think thats more for the People that Join and havent read Da Rules:cop: :wink:


Not one person yet who would like a name change… Pretty impressive the amount of people who like the name and vote for no change…


In the case of a name change I vote for

“Orange Frog Lovers Association"
"We like boobies”


“Thong Appreciation Society”

Nah…I like it the way it is.

Wait, “Club Thong Freaks…CT Freaks”…hmmm

Nah, keep CD Freaks…

One day we´ll be bigger than Bill :stuck_out_tongue: