Should we install XP SP3?

i have xp with sp2 installed on my p4 1.6ghz and i was thinking weather i need sp3 ??

SP3 had no negative effects for me.

SP3 working fine here on four computers.

Works fine for me but don’t forget when you do update to SP3 there are other updates and hotfixes after SP3 release as well.

SP2 works good enough for me, I haven’t bothered upgrading.

SP3 here on 3 machines & no worries.

It’s now at or past the point where if you keep up with security updates, you will probably have to choose to REJECT SP3 if you do not want it.

Main thing, be sure to disable any potentially conflicting security software when installing SP3, and also be sure to uninstall IE8 beta, IE7 too if you want to have install/uninstall support for it after SP3, as it will “bake in” the installed version of IE - if happy with IE7, it’s probably ok to allow it to bake that one in.

SP3 is more a massive roll-up, with significant numbers of finalized “contact MS” patches as well as released updates, than any major change.


All three computers running great with XP sp3 and IE6 - just watch out for IE7 switches - if you don’t want it-eh!!

Have turned off the SP3 nag for now…all other updates and patches are fine.
Machine still running fine.

Updated I do have SP3 and all updates including IE7 with all updates and WMP 11 with updates as well. Rig works great if not better then before. Only a few computer glitches occurred but if the patches were installed that fix the problem. So the only person loosing out is those who don’t update misses out on the security and O/S updates to improve your computer usage at home and on the internet.

Thanks :):cop: