Should we believe that piracy is getting worse?

I just posted the article Should we believe that piracy is getting worse?.

 heystoopid used our news submit to tell us "Whilst reading the local Murdoch daily newspaper over the usual cup of latte, I  noticed this article about the alledged sale of illegal pirate DVD...
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When you have low production standards, films being churned out production line sytle, excessive CGI driven effects and no plot, is there any wonder films bomb and people don’t want to watch them? So they blame ‘piracy’ as the main reason, yeah right! Too many so called ‘Blockbuster’ films rely on CGI driven effects to carry sub standard plots! So when the average Joe (or Joey, lol) pirates a film it’s probably to see the ‘crap factor’ and whether or not it’s worth seeing when there is a proper theatrical release! Films are now more or less on DVD anyway a few months after the films release, so if they don’t tempt you into the theatre to see a film then they can tempt you with fifteen variations of the Super Deluxe DVD Boxed Set Directors Cut Extended Version with gold plated DVD :S When will Hollywood understand we just want to watch a film? Why can’t they release just the film itself at a lower price instead of ripping us off with overpriced DVD’s that are padded with useless extras, waste of packaging and additional discs that no one really watches? It’s probably the reason films get pirated, because people can get just the film and no useless extras!

As we all know, measuring piracy is tricky for 1 simple reason… pirate discs cost less than retail, often $5-$10. This means while you will buy a retail disc at almost $20, you’ll buy 3 discs (two 5s and a 10) for the same price. The truth is, 99% of people who buy these pirate discs were going to spend their $20 one way or another, they ABSOLTULY ARE NOT going to spend $60 in the store for those 3 discs, often they get these discs because they are so cheap. So the problem is, you have these “facts and figures” which don’t represent the true buying nature of the consumer. This has been true in software piracy for years where people busted were charged with “thousands of dollars of software” when in reality if they bought it retail, they would have bought less than 1/100th of what they stole.

I can’t agree with Web-Junkie and here’s why… The good to crap ratio in movies hasn’t changed in decades… The only difference is, crap movies from 10+ years ago aren’t sold anymore, and only a handfull of crap movies from back then even make it to to $1-$5 DVD bin. This is why, for the most part, you don’t see many crappy older movies. Movies are very well priced, any decent retailer charges $13-$19 USD for a new movie and for the most part, movie prices hasn’t changed, and when you consider inflation, that means they are cheaper than they use to be. In 1985 a new VHS was $10-$15, if you inflate that to 2005 it becomes $18-$27 and as we know, new movies are $13-$19 in today’s market. Do the math people! Now take into the fact that we’re getting more for our money (trailers, behind the scenes, alternate endings, sketches, etc etc). This mindless whiner propiganda has got to stop. As I said above, movies has always had a large good to crap ratio, and in all honesty, movies cost less today than they did 20 years ago.
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War of the Worlds is a very good movie, despite the trailer :wink:

You’ll love “Plan 9 from Outer Space” then it’s a lot better!

HAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAAA! Thank goodness it’s Friday!!! :+

I would say the quality of films has gone down. You look at the IMDB charts, you will find that the older films (5-20 years olds) get the top positions. For newer films it seems a rating of around 6/10 is normal. Many films just dont cause emotion, I mean “Mr and Mrs Smith” great, it is about 2 assins that are ordered to kill each other great. Fantastic 4 was the last thing I went to the cinema to see, I must say it is complete bollocks. I wouldnt have even watched the downloaded copy for free. Yet that seems to be by todays film standards a “sucess”. Film makers seem to think they can drain success of past films today. Take BeCool, compare it to Pulp Fiction. Half the stuff from BeCool was from Pulp Fiction, but watered down so they could show it to younger people to get a bigger market, didnt seem to bother them that they had to just copy the clean bits from Pulp Fiction and insert drival and expensive actors for the rest. Films are going downhill, so is music. Most of the films and music I enjoy is old. New stuff is about making money and meeting production deadlines and getting as so called “celebrity status” (that they seem to hand out free for doing something on TV anyway). Lets hope things get better, but I doubt they will. Im now paying money for crappy new films, just because I watched the first 10 minutes of illegal copy before I got bored of it doesnt mean I would have gone to the cinema to see it, no way. I will pretty much finish it by saying this “If nothing is lost, has something been taken?”

Yea i think piracy is getting worst but thats because people are choose what cheeper for them to buy and also people want to see movies that are in theaters on dvd faster because the prices to go see a movie is like $8.50 per ticket plus food like a candy bar thats worth .85 cent in a theater is $2.50 around here. It all comes down to money. People dont want to spend a lot of money at all. When you can go to a store get a move for $20 or go to the guy at the flea mark and get the same thing for $5-$10.
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“ONE in every 12 DVDs sold in Australia is pirated, with Victoria ranking as the country’s worst offender.” Whats wrong in Australia,here where I am its at least 3 out of 5 dvds is pirated:+

Don’t you just love statistics. I use them all the ime in work and there a great way to show my bosses I work harder, faster and cheaper than everyone else without changing anything that I actually do. Right, down to it. The amount of people out there downloading movied from P2P has grown, that’s a cold hard fact. If you look at it another way and say “Have the amount of people with computers connected to the internet risen by the same percentage” then I would have to say no, its much larger. It’s just economies of scale. The MPAA and RIAA won’t tell you this of course, cos that’s not to their advantage, and in all honesty I have no way of backing this statement up. You might say “Hang on, companies are always going on about record numbers on people on the internet and how one in every (insert some small number) of households has a DVD player, so how come you can’t find this out?” well the simple truth is that everyone has a way of screwing numbers up so theyt make their company of cause look attractive. Take my advice, read the article, forget it, go on with your life :slight_smile:
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Perhaps the headline should be, “Piracy saves the poor hundreds of millions of dollars that they would have wasted on poorly made and acted movies that they would have wished they hadn’t bought after they saw how awful they were.”

well come on if the big studios can sell their dvd’s in China for a buck a piece to stem piracy, why the hell can’t we get a price break? Like paying 20 bux for a dvd with more drivel then the movie is worth it. I’ll either rent it or wait for it on dish, but no way in hell am I ever going to the theatre again, or buying another dvd. Last DVD I bought was Conan The Barbarian, just cause I am a Robert E Howard fan. And that was 7 years ago!

Naah! Movies are getting worse and new actors don’t measure up to any level.!

Piracy shmiracy, it is a fine line they walk between reality and dreams. Pirates stole gold and actual concrete objects. Piracy is copycat actions through (usually) electronic means for replication, reproduction, and distribution amongs others for free of cheap, IMO. As others have said before, to steal a car and to *steal music is VERY different. A car is worth thousands of dollars and cannot be copied electronically (yet?). Music can be stolen from a store on a CD, but also stored on a hard drive over transmission lines connected to a network of any sort like the internet. This concept is well understood by everybody, but the people behind the scenes would like more like a green monster always hungry for more. :B

hmm wonder what the mpa ria and other oganised groups would do if the piracy just fell away they wouldnt be in a job for sure and then maybe they would get real crime out of the way lol no not really that takes skill

The thing is, the movie and music industry seem to assume that all pirate copies have been bought/sold at some point. So if they say “1 in 12 copies sold is a pirate copy,” they mean “1 in 12 copies in existance is a pirate copy.” For example, if I borrowed one of my girlfriend’s DVDs and made a copy, does that constitute a lost sale? Hell no! If I did not have the means to make a copy for myself, I’d just borrow the DVD from her whenever I wanted to watch the damn movie. As Vic Reeves once said, “93.7% of statistics are made up on the spot.” So the movie and music industries, for the most part, are chatting out of their collective arse.

Not forgetting the old saying: “There are 3 types of Lies: Lies, Damn Lies and STATISTICS” :g

The “cat in the hat” represents value for money. The “war of the worlds” represents Hollywood’s cynical approach to the needs of the consumer. (an over-used, high paid, actor who is required to do less and less as more and more of the film becomes cgi and other “special effects”) Take a great story and churn it out quickly as a lame film. Everyone knows that the movie studio’s are using an outdated business model. Their dictatorship over the consumer is a thing of the past, they can adapt, or they can be the new “victim” Until recently the same was true of the music industry. Basic economics, high supply = low demand

So jasaiyajin, let me get this straight. It’s wrong to steal expensive things like cars but Ok to steal inexpensive things like movies and music? Does that pretty well sum it up? Now, just for the sake of argument please indulge me. Who gets to decide what is expensive and what is worthless? You? Me? Everyone? Anyone?Isn’t it all relative? For example, a 2005 Corvette sitting on a dark street might be a tempting target for a car thief but may not have much appeal to a purse snatcher/drug addict. It’s all relative to what you need and where you are in your life. Either both are stealing or both are not. Which is it? Further, to the owner of the Vette who has complete insurance coverage, it is a slight inconvenience. He might be out his deductible. For the little old lady whose social security cash was in the purse it’s food money for the month. In your world does WHO something is stolen from. matter?