Should the Pioneer 111D run in Ultra DMA 5?

Hey guys… i’m just catching up on the good knowledge you all share here.Now about the dvd drives…

I was wondering if the Pioneer 111D is supposed to run in Ultra DMA 5 mode?

Reason i ask is because mine is currently running at Ultra DMA 4. While its a speed difference of 66.7 Vs 100 MB/s i would like to capitalize on maximum theoretical speeds.

Could the Ultra DMA 4 be caused from the IDE cable not being new?

Are you using an 80 wire or 40 wire? For Pioneer the 80 wire is the only option.

UDMA mode 4 is the correct mode for the 111 series.

ok thnks guys… you cant get past udma 2 if you dont have an 80 wire cable …

Useless, read the specs, they explain that the drive has an UDMA4 Host Interface.