Should the DVD Reader be on a different channel than the DVD Burner?

I just received my Lite-On DVD Reader and my NEC Nd-2500a burner and wanted to know if optimal configuration was to have the reader on one ide channel and the burner on another?

Currently I have my hard drives using one ide0 and my cdrom/cdrw on ide1. Is this a bad way of doing this?

Thanks in advance

I have both my DVD burners on the same IDE cable and I don’t seem to have any performance issues - as long as its plugged in properly there shouldn’t be a problem - the secondary connector going to the master drive.

hmm, doesn’t that make for 5 drives ? are you using SATA HDDs ? anyway, it sort of depends how you are going to use the Dvd drives, but i believe the best setup is HDDs as master and slave on Primary IDE , cd or dvd burner as master on Secondary IDE with cd or dvd ROM as slave

No im using plain ata. I have two hard drives on IDE1 and my cdrom reader and my cdrom burner on IDE2. I am going to remove my cdrom reader and burner and replace them with the dvd reader and burner.

Having both the DVD reader and burner on IDE2 will be fine.

It doesn’t really matter, plug it in which ever channel you want, it’ll perform just the same.

While putting both the DVD reader and the DVD burner on the same cable will most likely work fine the best performance is achieved when the IDE chip set does not have to switch between read and write on the same cable. This is true of all controller since the write times are slower than read times and if you are using separate channels then a read can be taking place simultaneously with a write. When editing video’s it will speed up things significantly if the source and target files are on different hard drives and different ide channels. If you have DMA enabled the speed of the channel is so much greater than the demand of todays DVD burners that the others are correct. It will not make any difference in copying files from one DVD to another :slight_smile: