Should QScan be absolutely trusted?



Just wondering if QScan is really the end all of whether or not I can burn media at the tested speed. Reason I ask is I tested some Verbatim 2.4x +RDL media at 4x and it said that the media should not be burned at this speed. I also tested some true TYG03s at 16x and it also stated it should not be burned at the selected speed. So, is QScan just not being very accurate, or is my DW1620 not doing well? I have the retail model, built in Dec 2004, firmware being B7V9. Thanks for the help.

Scan for the Verbatim below, didn’t save the TYG03 scan though…


@Eluder. Don’t use Qscan a whole lot unless I want the Quick lead in lead out trick. The Plextor has much the same utility I think (Media Quality Check TE/FE) probably much the same as setting Qscan to quick. TYG02, TY02 and MCC 004 quite often say not suitable to burn at requested speed so I don’t. If it says suitable I get good quality burns and if unsuitable the burns are not so great quality so I trust the scan. Just use the Plextor scan because it’s quicker. HTH.:slight_smile:
EDIT: Haven’t tried to scan DL media.


crossg, but I don’t have a Plextor burner, so I can’t use the Plextor utility. :slight_smile: And what’s the quick lead in lead out trick?


What I am saying is the Plex utility is probably the same as Qscan, so I trust it. If you can find one of pinto 2’s post I think he explains the lead in/out in his signature. MacClipper found this little trick I think.:slight_smile:


Ahh, ok… well then I guess I may have a bad DW1620? I scanned TYG03’s, so those are meant for 16x writing… I can’t see why it would not be able to write them at that speed.

Nothing in regards to the short lead in/out in pinto2’s sig.


I seriously doubt that it’s your drive. Maybe try scanning discs from different areas in your spindle of TYG03 or try some Verbatim MCC 004 and see if the results differ. Where abouts in Canada are you from?


Qscan is not 100% accurate by any means, the only way to be acurate is to actually burn the media and do a quality scan after.


May not be 100% accurate but I burned these yesterday after doing a Quality scan so I think it increases the odds of getting a good burn


From Toronto… and if you’re interested in getting some TYG03’s, check out
They have stock of em, if you’ve never used that site, definitely go for it, great service, good pricing and fast shipping. BTW, I don’t work for em, I just know a while back you posted stating you couldn’t get any TYG03, so I figured I’d let you know where to get em. :slight_smile:

BTW, here’s a scan of a different TYG03 disc, pretty much a similar scan to the previous one I tried. And I have no MCC004, I only have TYG02, TYG03, MXLRG03 and some YUDENT02s (Fuji).


Thanks for the Tip.:smiley: Guess you could try and burn one that you have scanned and compare the results with the Qscan results and see if your burn gets worse where the TE/FE start to climb. Think it’s just the media though. Would be intersting to see just how accurate QScan is IE: Post the burn and Qscan results. Not a request, I will have to test it sometime.


Ya, I’ve considered burning a disc and scanning, but the thing is, I just having nothing valuable enough to use these TYG03’s with, at least not right now. :slight_smile: I wonder if I should burn em with my 109 or my DW1620 if I go for it?


Ok, finally got around to burning a TYG03 with my BenQ. I used MCSE and modified the write strategy to TYG02 as I recall reading that with the DW1620 the discs were better with the TYG02 strategy.

The scan can be viewed here; the total PIE seems high to me… What do you experts think, should I keep or swap the drive?

PS: QScan said that I should not write the disc at 16x using the TYG02 strategy either (that is if QScan takes the strategy into effect).


The drive’s probably totally OK. Qscan can be wrong about several things, because it doesn’t take into account the dye. You can’t find out how the dye reacts until the burn is complete.
So, even if the tracking and focus errors are manageable by the drive, the dye is always an unaccounted variable which can kill your burn. Your Verbatim scan says that the drive can’t easily focus on the second layer. That’s normal for a 2.4x-rated media tested at 4x.


where can i find qscan to dl?


HERE. Very useful link for any question. :wink:

Have a look in my discontinued WOPC guide



thanks addict


your welcome :slight_smile: