Should Mr Belvedere change his avatar?



Should he or should he not??


yeah …
change is good

i change mine all the time


Change is good when it comes to Sexy_Southerner’s avatar.


i like the old pinguin avatar


me 2 cerbie…


Old :

New :

I’d wish i could show you the entire digital painting of Sir Grim (that’s how the guy in the new avatar is called), but i don’t have the permission to host it anywhere on the internet. :sad:


old one!!! betterrrrrrR


:bow: :bow: :bow: = Old One
:confused: :confused: :confused: = New One


He should indeed. My personal favourite would beeee a penguin with a red sock in its mouth.


I like the old avatar.


I say old one!


:cool: i like the new one


Sir Grim is missing a cigarette. For that, I have to give pick Mr. Penguin.


I like the new one!!


yea, why not


Has there been anything in the press at all?
I am sure I have seen sometihng in a PC mag over here. Might not have been.


/me votes for the old one as well :slight_smile:

@Womble: the drawing really reminds me of Grim Fadango… maybe that is confusing you as well?


It does remind me of Grim Fandango to but I am sure it was the pic Mr B posted. Looks like I am going to have to try to find the mag I thought I saw it in.


I always thought his old one was cute:)


I wondered how long it would be until this came thread appeared, thought about starting it myself :slight_smile:

The new one is not bad in a funny way, but it doesnt have the same class as the old one.