Should it take this long?

I am using DVD decryptor…DVD shrink…and NERO to backup a dvd movie that i own and burn it.

It has took me an average of almost 2 and a half hours do do all of this.

I am using a Sony DRX-700UL burner and burning onto a dvd-RW disk.

I havent made any changes to my computers settings while burning my dvd.

Can anyone help?

Or is this time period around average?



should not take that long. does depend on the size of the dvd though. which is the slowest part, ripping/transcoding or burning ?

ripping it isnt the problem that takes maybe like 5 10 min. but decoding it in dvd shrink seems to take a while. then burning it seems to take awhile also. I am still new to all of this. The movie i ripped was 8 mile.

i also used the deep analysis while backing up the dvd in dvd shrink. Is it worht to relly do that? Will there be a huge difference in pic quality?

i use deep analysis only when the compression in dvd shrink drops below 90%. but everyone has different quality prefs. maybe you can benefit from the following:

  1. a) go through the 10 points listed @ [ though YOU may be no newbie, the trouble IS, and may be related to any one ,or all, of the listed items ]. b) Disable Autorun:
    For XP users, get tweakui from run it. go to my computer/autoplay/drives and untick the box next to the drives you want autoplay NOT to be enabled on. do the same in the Types option and choose the appropriate drive/s. You should also disable the autorun feature of ALL softwares, like media players, burning/ripping/cloning programs, that have this option. For users of other OSs, do a search at for disable autorun.

  2. update the firmware of the drive. check for updates @

  3. a) try another brand of CD/DvD disc. b) try burning at lower speed. eg., don’t try burning at 24x to 16x media; burn according to MEDIA speed limits, don’t try to burn at the cd/dvd drive max speed until you are certain that you can do so without negative consequences.

  4. a) install an aspi layer. preferred is v460. get it @ b) disable or uninstall any virtual drives. reboot.

  5. a) update the burning program you are using to the latest release. b) uninstall any recently installed software. if you have multiple burning/ripping/cloning programs installed, uninstall ALL of them, then install one, test it, install another, test it, and so on. c) do a virus scan, and a scan with spybot s & d [ get it @ ]

  6. for XP or Win2K users, optimise your operating system Services for best system performance. for info go to and

  7. before burning, open taskmanager and shutdown ALL unneeded processes that are running.

  8. a) try another burning software and see if you get a better result. deepburner standard is free. get it @ b) for users of alcohol 120%, update to the latest drives support DLL [ look for topic “Alcohol 120% Device Support Patch Released” @ ]

  9. make sure mainboard chipset drivers are up to date. make sure all cables and jumpers connected to drives are correctly configured with regard to master/slave setup.

  10. enter your BIOS and disable anything you don’t use. set memory speeds to default. set cpu speed to default. if you overclock, DON’T [ until you are certain that overclocking is not the cause of the trouble ].

  11. if you still cannot fix the problem, try the drive or the CD/DVD disc in another PC that has NO burning issues…if possible.