Should import taxes on media be cancelled?

Fellow cdfreakers ,

Most of you already have dvd players , recorders and standalone dvd players.

The thing is , that sometimes the most interesting dvd movies and media (think of dvd’s for consoles such as the gameboy , xbox and playstation2) never get released in your particular (part of) country.

For instance. If i once would like to have Saving Private Ryan in DTS format. Sadly , i was forced to purchase this movie as a region 1 movie ( United States) , because back then , there was no other DTS version available.

Same goes for a lot of special editions : Think of Criterion Editions , extra’s and so forth.

If i want to buy a good Anime dvd , i’m usually forced to either go to the market place of amazon (Amazon themselves have little) , Ebay or Australia. No dutch subtitles of course.

I’m okay with ordering dvd’s from across the ocean, but i dislike paying extra taxes (around 6 euro’s per shipment of 2 dvd’s) , just because the supplier thought it would not be interesting enough to publish the media in my country.

Weird isn’t it ? I could download content from Kazaa worldwide , i can order almost anything from any webshop througout the world with my credit card , but if i want to have the media here i have to pay additional taxes. Am i getting punished here again

On top of that , IF you happen to find a (web)shop that will import dvd’s for you , you pay top price or the webshop themselves get into trouble.

There have been huge fights between Columbia Tristar Benelux and a dutch webshop ( if anyone is interested) , becase they imported DVD’s from the United Kingdom. They were cheaper , were better and offered better content.

Naturally Columbia Tristar was not amused by this and forbid the webshop to import dvd from the UK. If the webshop continued to import dvd’s from the UK , Columbia Tristar would blacklist the webshop and business would be bad.

Should import taxes be cancelled ? Would this have a positive effect on piracy ?

Problem is that import tariffs aren’t set by the gov’t with piracy in mind. They’re set in the government with $$ and protectionism in mind. Unfortunately, many policies don’t have the good of the general public in mind. They only have the perceived good of the general public and the good of special lobbying groups (US steel industry, agricultural sectors of all countries, esp. Europe, media publishers, etc.) in mind.

After studying lots of econ, and after seeing how free markets can be so easily bastardized by those seeking market power (whether they are lobbying groups, labor unions, or oversized corporations), I’ve become a wee bit cynical. :a

I wonder what Tax has to say about this. :wink:

I do think they should be cancelled, but I don’t really think it will have much of an impact on piracy. As long as it is easy to do - people will always download software/movies etc. illegally.

Rules are meant to be broken sometimes :slight_smile:

But one thing that annoys me is the region codes (NTSC/JAP | NTSC/US | PAL). I know that we are beginning to get all-region TV’s now. But I have a PS and get games given to me. Problem is I have a PAL TV and PS.
Also, my mum bought a DVD player and went through the phase of buying cheap DVDs off eBay - from other countries. We tried LOTR and it was screwing up. Mum thought it was the DVD player (Magnavox MDVD-100), so she got another (JVC something…). Still didn’t work, so we got another TV. Now it works. But it was the TV that couldn’t read NTSC region (which I tried to tell mum but she wouldn’t listen :rolleyes: )

Of course any import tariffs should go, but I have never suffered any as of yet. Toll has better things to do.

Taxes rule!

(sorry for this off topic post…but couldn’t help myself for obvious reasons)

now i know how media-spoiled i am. in this case, i think publishers should license production rights, or allow the importing of other regions material. just because the world has changed and f*ed their distribution model doesn’t mean that they should be able to divide the world up as they get their production ready.

i like the content that hollywood creates, and loathe the lobbyists that it sends east.