Should I?

I am thinking of buying a 4550 to replace my very good 4163, which I’ll give it to my brother.
Shoud I buy it or not? The thing that bothers me is the bitsetting for +R but
I think that with some programs or firmwares it’s easy to be done.
It sells here in Thessaloniki, for 54 Euros, retail!

personally i would keep the LG Drive, for me at this point its a better drive

Thank you.Any more answers?

At least bitsetting shouldn’t be a problem with my 1.06 bitsetting firmware.

I have both the LG 4163B and the ND-4550A IMO the ND-4550A is better drive. They are about equal for write quality on good media, the ND-4550A leaves the LG standing with its reading performance.

Thanks friends. I know about your very nice efforts and page.Is the bitsetting auto as with my 4163B?And the firmware has any changes that could damage the drive?Is the 4550 a good ripper?Because LG 4163B isn’t.
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It’s not exactly auto bitsetting but more a set and forget setting. You set the permanent booktype once and that’s it, but you can still change it temporarily if you need it.

No change should damage the drive, but I cannot promise this 100%

Can I change only +R and +DL but not +RW for example.
And what about 4550 ripping speed?
Sorry for the questions but I don’t have a 4550 to test it for myself and I use +RW for data so I don’t need it to be -Rom. Thanks in advance.

There is no riplock on the 4550 so pressed DVD-Video will rip at 16x single layer and 13x double layer.
Yes you can have +R and +R DL as booktype DVD-ROM and +RW as booktype DVD+RW

Very good and thank you both.
After all 54 Euros isn’t that much.