Should I worry about putting download songs on itunes?



I have song mp3s that I got 7-8 years ago and they are on a CD but I want to move them to my shuffle. Is there anything I should be concerned about? Can itunes be used to give info to others and get me in trouble?

Just curious and thanks for any help.


No, it’s nothing to worry about.

If you want to be really paranoid, somebody here ought to be able to show you how to set up a really tough firewall…


Don’t need to go all out as long as the RIAA isn’t going to use it to search through my PC or anything and sue me.


The RIAA seem more likely to sue you if you listen to a CD above whipser volume, classing it as public performance than they are finding your PC on iTunes and then looking through it.

You should have no problems with iTunes as it is not used for sharing music, its main use is to for loading tunes onto an iPod and selling poor quality overpriced music.