Should i wait?

hi there, i really need to buy a dvd recorder since i download almost 15gb/week and cds are just not enough anymore, i know there a few good dvd recorders right now, but i know that liteon, pioneer and sony will be releasing their new models in a few months with better media support and greater speeds. i just want to backup data without having to worry about not being able to read/write with certain media, so my question is: should i wait till this new recorders are out or can i get one right now that won’t be giving me any headaches soon?

thx in advance

It won’t matter 'cause 8X DVD writer won’t be out 'til the end of the year or early next year. Even if you have the money to buy one of them 8X writers, 8X media will be rare and extremely expensive. I say get a cheap DVD writer now (NEC ND1100A $159), and buy a faster one when the dust settles and the prices come down.

4x DVD writers are going to be under US$100 (retail) when 8x DVD writers are mass produced.

is liteon going to release any 4x writer or will they go directly to 8x?


i thought LiteOn released a dual format burner recently. i also heard that it is a rebadge of the Sony drive. well anyways, if you really need to buy a burner, you should get a cheap one and let it hold for a while, or you can go to CompUSA or such and get a warranty for the drive from that store, and exchange it when a better one comes out. however the price on the drive must be the same or they won’t exchange it. :stuck_out_tongue: i honestly think dvd burners are necessities if you download a lot, or want to back up a whole chunk of data frequently. well good luck there.