Should I wait for the DVR-110?

I’m in the process of choosing my first DVD burner. After browsing the forums for different DVD burner models from different manufacturers, I’ve come to conclude that the DVR-109 was the best choice for me. The +R DL capabilities seem nice to have, I will primarily use the burner for DVD media and not CD-R’s, Bitsetting is not important since I will probably primarily use -R media, and I would plan to crossflash the drive to A09 firmware in order to get faster rip speeds. Plus at the range of $50 u.s. at Newegg, I think it is decently priced.

But this is before I heard that the DVR-110 is in close proximity of being released. Therefore these questions come to mind:

Is 8X Zone CLV DVD-R DL (Dual Layer), +R DL (Double Layer) 8x Z-CLV DVD+RW) incentive to wait?
Will it be similarly priced to the 109?
How will the newly released 110’s early firmware compare to the 109?

Based on the answers to these questions or anything else that could be put into consideration, in your opinion would it be wise to wait for the 110? Or to just get the 109 now?

Thanks in advance.

Jump on it for 49.99 shipped or any of the drives on sale. NEC/Pioneer would be my first choice. But lots of great burners.

There is no point to wait for the Pioneer 110 if it would not auto bitset +R SL to ROM!

funny you mentioned that HomerJSimpsons. I am not getting the 110 till I find out if it will bitset single layer media as well. Funny how I am basing the purchase just on this but after being spoiled with the 108 and lucky on the 109 I need this feature. +R discs are my only disc types that work well since better and newer -R media are having issues on this drive. I bought the 109 without looking into it much and was dissapointed when it didn’t have bitsetting at first cause I missed having it on my 109. Suddenly the Buffalo firmware came out WITH a method to have it flashed and it totally made my day. I wish Pioneer themselves would make a super drive and include bitsetting officially however I seriously doubt this meaning we need a mod or third party manufacturers firmware to bring up this feature. Seeing as though the 109 is completely modless I have little hopes for the 110 being the same so I am going to wait it out to see what pioneer brings officially as well as what other manufacturers have to offer.

Buy what you see now. Forget what’s “just around the corner”. If you always wait, you’ll end up never buying anything, as something new is ALWAYS “about to come out soon”.

As far as bitsettings, it’s not really needed that often. If you really need to bitset, buy something else.

Its here!


If you plan to burn 16x DVD-R, then wait for the 110, The 109 have big problems with 16x media, but of course we don’t know if the 110 has this error, but I centainly hope that Pioneers doesn’t make the same mistake twice. But I would wait a week or two, then we’ll se the first reports in this forum, and know a little about how the 110 works.

$52 + ~ $7 shipping in stock


At newegg for 51.99+4 ship!
The real question is can we cross flash this puppy?