Should I wait for the BenQ DW1650 or get the LG GSA-4167B now?

Same question as subject line.
The LG GSA-4167B is available now and it got great reviews from both CDRLabs and CDFreaks. LG’s write quality also seems on par with BenQ’s.

Any thoughts?

Until now I obtained better results with my benq 1640. Still not available here the 1650, so I can’t say if it’s as good as 1640 or better (or worst :doh: ).

If you need to use RAM media then your choice is surely LG.

I own an LG 4163 and it’s currently sitting on the shelf, having been recently replaced with a BenQ 1655. I’m assuming the LG 4167 is similar to the LG 4163, but I haven’t checked this in detail.

The reasons for the LG 4163 to BenQ 1655 replacement:

  1. No CDSpeed quality scan support. Without this, you have no idea what kind of burn quality the discs you just bought are giving you - you’re shooting blind and hoping for the best.

  2. No solidBurn support, so you must rely on firmware updates when new media is made available that your drive does not know about. I picked up some 16X Memorex -R discs (CMC Mag?) and the 4163 would only burn them at the generic 4X rate. It took months before the 1.06 firmware update became available and by that time I’d already finished burning these discs on the BenQ 1640 (my other, second burner).

  3. Both the BenQ 1640 and the BenQ 1655 read back burned single-layer discs at the full 16X rate. This translates to a 5:00 minute read time for the entire disc. Contrast this with the 4163’s 10X rate that translates to a read time of about 8 minutes. Since I do a verify after write for nearly all of my burns, this really slows things down.

The LG 4163 did have some excellent pluses:

  1. The burn quality of the LG 4163 for discs that it liked was superb - perhaps even a bit better than the BenQ 1640. Even cheaper discs that it didn’t particularly like (and that scanned marginally on the 1640) were generally usable.

  2. The LG 4163 drive spins its motor a bit faster than most drives, including the BenQ. This results in perhaps the fastest 16X burn speed available in the industry - often completing a full burn in under 5:00 minutes. So if speed is the most important thing, and you don’t do a verify-after-write, then the LG drive wins over most other drives.

Looking at this in more detail - for 16X burns, the BenQ 1640/1655 starts its motor at top speed and then just leaves it there for the entire burn (ignoring the pausing effects of the WOPC). By the very end of the burn, the disc hits its full-rated speed of 16X, the burn completes, and the motor turns off.

In contrast, again for a 16X burn, the LG 4163 spins its motor at a higher speed and thus it hits the full-rated disc speed of 16X at about the 80% point on the disc. The motor then gradually slows down during the final 20% of the burn, holding the disc burn speed at a constant 16X rate for the final 20%. Another way of looking at this is that if the LG 4163 did not slow the motor down during this final 20%, it would probably hit about 18X by the end of the burn.

Well I picked up my 1650 today here in Melbourne Australia… :slight_smile:
I would say go for the 1650 personally. Now the hunt for RPC1 firmware…

According to some posts and reviews out there, the LG 4167 shares the same traits of the 4163.
CDSpeed support is a feature I definitely want (my current DVD-ROM doesn’t support it) and I also like to verify my burns from time to time, specially when it comes to important data. Solidburn support is a plus, although I don’t think I’ll need right away since the media I’ll get is TY 16X DVD-R.
Seems like I’ll wait a little more for the BenQ DW1650, I’d get the DW1655 but I don’t want to spend more for an added feature (lightscribe) I know I won’t ever use.

Wait for 1650 as I do.

I did the same thing as the guy a few posts up. I used the LG 4163 for a few months and then switched to the BenQ 1655. I got great quality scans with burned discs early on but after a couple months of use I got lesser quality burns with the LG. I’m so happy with the BenQ. Get so much for $50.

I have both. Some thoughts:

4167B - reads difficult discs that the Benq cannot. Also has DVD-RAM support.
DW1650 - quality scans. Faster reading.

I’ve been having the same problem deciding also. Newegg has/had a weekend sale this weekend (free shipping on the 4167B) that finally pushed me over the edge and I have 4167B coming. Was $40 shipped, so I figured what the heck. Will probably end up getting a 1650 in a few months, but we’ll have to see how the 1650 looks once more is known.

This thread also has a comparison of the 4167B and the DW1640. The summary is at the bottom of this post. For me the biggest thing lacking in the 4167B is the ability to do quality scans.

The greatest competition to the 4167B is probably BenQ’s DW 1640. Compared to that drive the 4167B is equal except in certain areas :

  • 4167B beats the 1640 in 16x burn time. In fact, nothing burns 16x discs faster than the 4167B (except the 4163B, which is about equal to it).
  • 4167B loses out to the 1640 in reading speeds for various types of DVD discs. The 1640 reads every kind of DVD disc at 16x. The 4167B reads DVD+/-R discs at 10x only, There are reports it rips DVD movie discs even slower, starting with firmware DL12, although I can’t confirm that.
  • 1640 supports book typing for DVD+RW discs, which the 4167B doesn’t. This is not really that important.
  • 1640 remembers it’s book typing even after a reboot (permanent book typing settings). The 4167B forgets book typing settings upon a reboot, and they must be set again after each reboot.
  • 1640 supports quality scans and FE/TE scans to check the quality of blank media. It also supports overspeeding of virtuall any type of DVD disc very nicely (provided the disc is up to it).
  • 4167B does not support quality or FE/TE scans. Overspeeding is limited to a few select MIDs,
  • 4167B supports DVD-RAM reading and writing. 1640 does not.

Now you know why the 4167B did not get the editor’s choice award?

imo the GSA-4167B is a piece of garbage… I have pretty much always had LG drives and none of them have ever failed me until this one. It would burn CD-R’s fine, but I tried 3 different kinds of DVD’s… Sony DVD-R, TDK DVD-R and Memorex DVD+R, the drive would not even detect the Sony’s or the TDK’s, turned 4 out of the 4 Memorex discs I tried into coasters. Tried latest firmware (DL13) and same results…

Currently have an open RMA on it, having them send me a BenQ DW1650 instead.

This is a little off topic in the BenQ forum but the LG 4166 and its HP 740i clones are the fastest and most accurate burners I have ever used. They have UDMA 4 firmware which helps the transfer rate like you said no Quality Scaning which makes this hobby more fun.

I’m wondering what you mean by most accurate?

Do you mean they have the best burn quality (as measured by e.g. PIE/PIF) or do you mean something else?

First of all congrats are in order on your new status.
Since I can’t Quality scan an LG burned disc, I can only go by what I see on my 60" Sony Media Center. The Lg burned disc, and this may be my imagination, seem to play better using the same media as a disc burned on a BenQ, also I have had coasters with my BenQ 1650 and 1655(not many but some) and I almost never get a disc that won’t play with my LG 4163. That is what I mean, I guess its not much but this is my opinion.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Alrighty then.

My term for that is “better playability”. Feel free to use it if you like! :slight_smile:

Yo alan-

I do Quality Scans on discs burned on my LG 4167 all the time - with my LiteOn 160P6s - wonder why you cannot do the same with your 4166 discs-eh??