Should I use T,U or V for these MCC02RG20,RitekR03,CMCMAGE01 and Taiyo YuDEN DVD-R?



:slight_smile: What firmware should I use for my MCC02RG20,RitekR03,CMCMAGE01 and Taiyo YuDEN DVD-R? :slight_smile:


I have MCC02RG20, CMCMAGE01 and TYG02. They all perform the same in T9, U9 and V9 so I stick with V9 assuming there are other writing strategy improvement for other media codes.


Iโ€™ll have to disagree with Zevia.
I can write my MCC02RG20 at 12x (Qscan ok) with T9 and the burn is good but with U9 and V9 Qscan says it is ok to burn at 12x but the burn is at 8x (and takes considerably longer time for a 8x burn) and the quality is not as good as with T9.

So for me Iโ€™ll stick to T9 and wait for the next firmware.
And Iโ€™ll think you should try out yourself, it wonโ€™t cost you anything!


For me, they all burn better on B7V9 with consistently better qs. Take care with the Ritek R03โ€™s though as mine are all failing after about 1 years storage. Funny enough, no probs. with CMC or MCC.


I experienced this with U9 after the first flash and the problem was gone after I reflashed it again. Maybe it was a bad flash.


I too find U and V to want to burn all -R at 8x even though the media is listed in fw at 12x or 16x , I flashed back to T and now my -R thats listed in fw at 12x or 16x will burn at those speed. There is something wrong with fw past T for -R and speeds past 8x on my drive and from posts here on other peoples drives as well.